Facebook is a powerful social media platform but is also ever-changing.  Over the course of this past year, there have been multiple newsfeed changes that control what you see in your timeline.  I personally follow a large amount of pages that I have to go and search (if they come to my mind in my crazy-busy schedule) to see what is happening on their page.  That wonderful “algorithm” has made is harder and harder for business pages to get in front of their customers organically.  If you have seen your organic reach drop gradually over the course of this year, now is a good time to make sure that you are trying to do some advertising on Facebook.

Here are a few recommendations that I have before you jump into Facebook Advertising:

 Make sure your Facebook Pixel is set up on your site AND you have set up custom audiences.  The Facebook Pixel is a wonderful tracking code that keeps track of every website visitor that may be a Facebook User – so that you can target them in your ads.  Have you ever visited a website and then seen an ad on Facebook for that very business a few hours later?  That site has the Facebook Pixel set up to target you in Facebook ads.  I can say, I have personally purchased from these types of ads.  Setting up this type of ad targeting can really maximize your advertising dollars.

Offer something valuable to get your advertising targets to sign up for your email list.  If you can get people on your email list, you are winning!  I am sure that the pages that I mentioned above that I went and searched out were pages that I had received content-rich, valuable offer email campaigns from in my inbox.  Facebook can own your Facebook Fans but YOU own your email marketing list.

Watch your ads!  As they run, analyze and test.  If you are just starting out in advertising, make sure you give it some time to work for you and try multiple things.  There are so many ways to do Facebook Ads and trying a variety of options instead of focusing on one method is a good idea.

Here are some great resources to look at to expand your understanding of Facebook Ads:

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If the thought of figuring out Facebook Ads stresses you out – let’s sit down for a consultation!  Contact me for pricing at 434-661-8280 or via email at joy@joydesignonline.com.