Summertime is approaching!  It’s a good time to set a few hours of time aside to learn with  I cannot say enough about this learning website!  Years ago I was looking for a workshop to attend for learning Adobe Photoshop CS3 (yes I know, years ago).  When I worked for a large company, they either sent us to several of these types of workshops or paid someone to come in and teach us these programs.  I had no clue the cost to attend one of these live trainings.  I remember nearly passing out at the price tag on this training!  Then I looked at the options of taking a college class … that not only cost money but required an investment of time according to the class schedule.  (I didn’t need college credit either) Thankfully, I discovered!

I found my Photoshop CS3 class on and started the process of taking it.  It was BETTER than the in-person class!  First of all, finds the best of the best – effective, passionate educators who are respected authorities in their field.  I personally have yet to find an instructor that I have not enjoyed.    The videos were clear, the course work was laid out in a neat manner, and I could follow along the training on my computer, doing the exercises at the same time as the instructor.

So what does offer??  A LOT.  Over 3,500 courses and growing every day.  When I started, it was mostly office/business/website design/desktop publishing videos.  Since then it has expanded to MANY different training videos that just about anyone could benefit from … for example:

Got a new iPhone?  Have no clue how to use it?  Check out this Essentials Training by Derrick Chow.

Got a new DSLR camera for your birthday?  You can bet they have a training on it in this section, the “Learn Cameras + Gear” area.  There is a huge section for photographers!

Need to learn PowerPoint for work?  Check the multiple trainings here!

Maybe you are a teacher … did you know there is a whole section on for you?  Check out this “Teacher Professional Development” section!

There is so much more!  I encourage you to take some time to go and check it out.  And the price is right … $24.99 a month for their basic service is a GREAT DEAL.   And because I am an affiliate for, I get to offer you a FREE 10 day trial.  Give it a try!  You won’t regret it.  Click on the banner below to try  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at
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