Last time we talked about why to do email marketing and hopefully you went out and set up your email marketing provider and are collecting email addresses.  Now that you have decided that there is value in doing some email marketing, think about what kind of content you want to give to your subscribers.  Here’s the KEY thing I tell all my new clients:

80% Informative Content   —– and —–   20% Sales or Product

Think about the email marketing newsletters/updates you get in your personal email inbox.  What makes you read them?  What makes you “click” to be directed to another site?  Why did you open the email?  I can give you two examples from my inbox.
I received an email from Clark Howard recently and the subject was “Health Plan Choices in 2014.”  It grabbed me because I considered his choices to probably be affordable and a smart place to start looking at options.   And guess what – I actually subscribed to his newsletter a few years back and STILL read it when I get it! In this email, I clicked on several family related items because I am a mom and I like to see how to save money on kids summer clothes.  This is an effective newsletter, full of great content for me, the subscriber.  I didn’t click on ads, but I’m sure if there was one there I needed I’d probably click though to the website.

Then there was this other email marketing piece from something called Second Search in my inbox.  I don’t know how I got subscribed to it – Strike 1 in my book.  I have a phone, and I am not looking for a new one … and there’s nothing here to tell me why I should look at their links, go to their website, just 100% sales links.  Strike 2.  Then I got one EVERYDAY.  Strike 3 – You’re Unsubscribed, baby!  I hate when things clutter my inbox, don’t you?  Now I may have been interested if I had actually been in the market for a smartphone and if it offered a comparison article about smartphones or resources for buying a smartphone.  But I wasn’t.


So what is good content?

First, one of the best way to think about what great content is for your readers is to think like your reader.  Who is that?   Have you taken the time to identify your target audience?  What do they like?  Answering these questions not only help with generating content, but it will help with targeted advertising that you pay for down the road on platforms like Facebook.  How can your product/service best help that person reading your emails?  Also, what are the top questions that your customers might ask? Those are great things to answer in blog format.   If you offer a service, a blog is the best place to SHARE your expertise. Consultants have a hard time with this because their expertise is their income, but more than anyone, consultants need to share their expertise to prove their value!  One of the best quotes I have heard recently was from Tony Robbins:  “If you can make it your goal to always find a way to add more value to  people’s lives than anyone else, then you’ll never have to worry about success.”  What a great thing to think about when crafting your content marketing – are you adding value to people’s lives with what you are sending them?

Secondly, you might want to start at the end – what is your end goal?  To sell a product?  To get a customer in for a consultation or treatment?  Then you can test all the things you to do see if they point to getting your reader to that point.  Does your call to action point your potential client to that end goal? No one has ever said that marketing and blogging was easy – it is work!  That is why most people hire someone to help them, even going as far to hire a writer to write good content for them!  Let me direct you to a GREAT resource to help you generate good content.   Click Here to Go to Amy Porterfield’s website and listen to her podcast on content.  Amy gives a lot of great tips and ideas on generating content in this free format, it is worth clearing some time just to listen.  Make sure you have your notepad handy, you will walk away from this call with a list of content ideas to get you started!

So there you have it.  And here’s a tip and a challenge — Tip of the Day in creating your email newsletter – when you do send one — please, please, PLEASE — honor those who have trusted you with their email address by giving them some valuable content (80%) along with a call to action that could include your 20% of product/sales call to action.    And the CHALLENGE of the day – create some content that would compel people to hit that “forward” button to share with others!

Do you feel overwhelmed?  Discouraged that you don’t have enough time in your day to focus on creating great content?  I’m here to help you.  Contact me for a consultation and we will get the content marketing rolling for you.