There are a few questions that I get asked when screening potential clients, and I thought this was the perfect place to answer those questions.  The first one I will tackle this week is “Can you make my website go viral on Facebook?”

The truth is there are those very few occasions where content does go viral.  An example is the Chewbacca Mom video that went wildly viral on Facebook.  I don’t think she realized her video was going to “go viral”   — she was just being herself, making a video using Facebook Live (which is a great way to do marketing on Facebook in the first place) and sharing the joy of finding a great Chewbacca mask in Kohls that she wasn’t going to share with the kids.  Being a Star Wars fan myself, AND a mother of three boys, I totally get it!   I STILL see that video on Facebook every once in a while from a friend that I follow who has stumbled on it and laugh along with her infectious laugh.

But MOST of the time, marketing takes a lot more work.  While it would be great if someone like Ellen would stumble upon a video on our page and decide to share it with her audience, it usually doesn’t happen that way.  Here are some things that you may want to consider:

Is your blog post or video sharable content?

Is it FULL of value for your audience?

Does it include a lot of great visuals – like infographics and pictures?  Or is it a video that you are sharing on Facebook — or even better yet, Facebook Live?

Are you creating sharable content on a consistent basis?

Do you have a great call to action or a freebie that leads to an email capture to get your audience on your list so they can receive MORE valuable content that leads to a sale/conversion?

Is your website easy to navigate, pointing your visitors to the end goal you have determined for your website to accomplish?

While it is super exciting when something that you created goes viral, most of the time it is a slow and steady process to build your online credibility so that you aren’t a “one hit wonder.”  And wouldn’t you like to have all your tools in place if you do?  Is your website ready? Is your email capture ready?  Are you ready to build and nurture that list?  You can plan for overnight success but until that happens, stick with the consistency of building your online presence with fantastic content.  Over time you’ll find that you have steady growth with loyal followers who stick around for the long run.