And it has happened again — just like in 2012, Facebook announced this week that they are making changes to their newsfeed in a big way, which could likely hurt those of us who use Facebook Pages in our marketing plans.

According to their latest article, Facebook “anticipate(s) that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages.”  So unlike the last newsfeed change that looked at reactions on posts, this change is going to look at how much your posts are shared by your followers.  And not only that – but they are also looking at how well the follower’s friends engage with the post.

Shared Content + Friends Liking/Reacting and Commenting = Post Reach

The problem with this formula is this:  How often would your followers see your content to share it?  Unless you put some special marketing strategies into place, probably not very often.  Here are some suggestions for getting through this latest newsfeed change:

1.  Develop a strategic sharing plan.  Have your employees share your posts to their profiles.  Develop a social sharing team made up of followers who will help you by sharing your posts to their profiles.  Non-profits can develop social advocate teams that share social media with their friends on all social media platforms.

2.  Use Facebook Live often for announcements.  Right now Facebook wants you to use their live video because it is a new feature, so they are allowing all live video to bypass the algorithm.  If your follower is online, they will see your video in their feed while you are recording live.   Take advantage of this while it is available to Pages as it may not be a free feature in the future for marketing purposes.

3.  Start paying for advertising.  I know this is not what anyone wants to hear but unfortunately to get results on Facebook, you will need to start paying for advertising.  You can start small and build up over time.

When this happened in 2012, many of us learned the hard way that building an email marketing list is crucial to staying in touch with your followers.  Social media is always changing and nothing is free forever.  Build up your other social networks, but more importantly drive everyone to your website to sign up for your email list and develop an email marketing strategy.  This will always be a way to stay in touch with your followers no matter what happens next on Facebook (or anywhere else).